Thinker Series Episode 3

This episode of the Thinker Series discusses briefly the idea that possibly everything that our society believes to be true and believes to be fact, may in fact be wrong. Whether you think I’m crazy or not, you can ask yourself the question what if everything isn’t the way we think it is. We’ve discovered so much in the past century but we have not looked back to adjust what we’ve discovered to be up to date with our current knowledge. So my question for you all is, ‘is gravity really gravity?”. Its a simple question that requires simple logic and reasoning to understand that the possibility is there that we might need to rewrite our understanding of things such as gravity. I will discuss more on my thoughts of gravity on the next episode. With this episode however I just ask you listeners to ponder the thoughts that you have where you question the “facts” we think we know and to discover perhaps your own ideas of what everything is and does to effect our daily lives.

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Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Deeper Meaning Time. Your guide to insight, knowledge, and inspiration that will keep you thinking throughout your every day. Through our conversations to come, we will uncover some of the deepest meanings time has to offer. That is the goal here, to seek out those crazy thoughts that most of us have and do nothing with. Thoughts that maybe could one day become reality. No matter whether or not you agree with me or think I’m crazy or out of my mind this is just about understanding the world around me and making a discussion of my own thoughts. What the idea or thought is you might have, each one is important and is the step towards a greater understanding of the life that surrounds us and continues on for all of us indefinitely as we race through our universe through time and space.

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Disclaimer: This is my first ever solo audio blog I’ve ever done. I enjoy writing and I enjoy talking about some crazy thoughts from time to time so i decided that this might be a good outlet to bring others in on the conversation and really dive deep into some mysterious of our existence and dive into those deeper meanings we all have and want to share, but sadly we don’t. With each new episode of Deeper Meaning Time I aim to better my skills as an editor, communicator, and entertainer, as i aspire to develop this into something we can all use as a tool to better ourselves and our understandings of what takes place around us from the earth to our next door neighbor within our beautiful universe. I know this first pilot episode is probably mediocre and I’m sorry if I bore any potential listeners. Again this is the first not the last. Thanks for taking the time to listen, I hope you enjoy this episode of Deeper Meaning Time where i will discuss the unknown and self-made paradox I call the Good Bad Paradox. Listen and take what you will from this episode but within it is a deeper meaning, its up to you whether or not you believe it.

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